n this project I started with a research for new ways to digitally draw in 3D. Today’s technology is moving so fast that it is sometimes difficult to keep up with. Because of this, the gap between digits and digital natives is increasing every day. I chose to focus on the design-side of the digital world. What I have discovered is that it takes a lot of time to understand a 3D drawing program, let alone to become good at it. 

I therefore designed and produced a product that connects these two worlds. A product which can be used by anyone, without having knowledge of the advanced computer programs. The user can build by using small blocks that are comparable with “pixels” to create a desired image which corresponds interactively with a digital 3D image on a TV screen or computer. This way the user can easily create a 2D or 3D images. The product can not only be used to design with cubes, but also with furniture or buildings so the user can design a city or a living room. 


This is how I want it to look like. With DigiQubes Furniture it needs to be possible to change every dimension, color and material to create a more realistic and adjustable image. 

Interior Design

In this explanation video you will see two versions of DigiQubes. One with the actual cubes and one with furniture. This second concept is the one I am now working on and trying to improve. After DDW I was asked to join the program Design to Market and start a case on DigiQubes to eventually try to get DigiQubes on the Market. 



During Dutch Design week we worked for several weeks with 67 candidates to come up with this amazing under construction theme. Every two days we changed the setup of the exposition so everyone could get a chance to shine.


On my graduation week I was fortunate enough to bump in to Amy den Hartog. Amy was a curator for BNO Ya-Present and guided us during the Dutch Design Week as a mentor but also as a friend. She asked me if I would like it to participate with YA-Present during the DDW. I was very excited and also fortunate to be a part of this great organization where I’ve learned so much and also had a amazing time. On this I am still very grateful for this opportunity.