Fashion Design


A concept could be one of the most important features of a fashion label. It’s what distinguishes your product from others. For me concepts of fashion are things that can be uses for new fashion. Recycling, reusable connections or for example inventions for new kind of clothes are what intrigue me most. 

However aesthetics are just as important. You could design and make products that have a great concept. But if it doesn’t look good, nobody will be interested in it.



This is where you could really go nuts. Accessoires could and should make the outfit. It’s the eye-catcher and the small things which people often dare to buy and wear. Why? you can take it off in a hartbeat. So even if you not that extroverted. A small item can change the hole look of your outfit.  


Yess, I can sew. Materials are everything, not only in fashion design but also in product design. So if you want to learn about materials, you need to learn about all of them. Ways of fabrication interested me since I was young. Trying to understand them became a fascination later in life. Now I try to work with all materials and maybe this way I could start a hole new kind of label one day, but for now I’ll just use the knowledge for product design. As a product designer I don’t believe in limits. Everything is a product. So even if you did not study fashion doesn’t that mean you can’t be a fashion designer. Tailoring is one of the oldest occupations there is. Because it’s an old occupation, there are certain rules bound to it. But we can’t always hold on to the past.