This is the Vetro Acrilico. A pendant lamp made of acrylic and steel. Due to the hexagonal shape, the lamp can be put together in different ways. The lamp is designed as a modular design so it could take any desired shape. Due to the gloss of the black acrylic glass, the light shines down past the lamp like a tunnel of reflecting mirrors. This is only the first of a series of designs that will follow with this concept.


So this is what Brian Mitch is born to do. Cafecito wanted a completely customized tablet case for there stylish coffee companies. We started from scratch and created this tablet stand from a 2D sketch on paper. Then we design a full 3D image, technical schematics and realize a prototype for a optimal fitting and to prevent flaws in the design. After we make sure the design works properly we’ll start a material research to keep costs low in the production process. Then we manufacture the product and install them in new shops of Cafecito. 


Bright Living is a furniture store in Wassenaar, The Hague and Harlem. Bright Living just celebrated their 10th anniversary when I got in touch with the company. They were looking for a complete makeover in terms of branding. So we started with a new logo, a new color pallet and a plan for a new and refreshing style. Why don’t you click on the image to see what we’ve done! 



The royal golf and country club of The Hague needed som new golf signs to lead the golfers around. So in consultation with the club we designed and produced forty new signs for the course. 


After a call of BNNVARA the dutch television maker Brian Mitch got the assignment to make some artwork for a small festival and here’s the result.




When van den Barselaar gardens got in contact with me he had an idea in his mind but didn’t know how to put it on paper. After a lot of contact, examples and sketches I’ve gone to work. It was a long run to find a logo that worked for him, we spend a lot of time adjusting the final result in to a logo that suited him the way he envisioned it. Click to see the full progress.



For NMNH Brian Mitch designed some video’s for their socials. If you like what you see, there is more where that came from.