Brian Mitchell

Product Design | Graphic Design | Engineering


Product Design

Since I was young I have always found my way in and around a workshop. Over the years I have learned to work with all kinds of machinery.

Now I have my own small workshop where you can find me almost every day. I really enjoy working with different materials and create my own tools to make my products.

When I design a new product which needs to be a little more precise I can use my cmc-milling machine or my 3D printer. 

If the prototype fase is done, I’ll send my ideas to other companies to let them produce it on a bigger scale. 

Graphic Design

In the past few years I have purchased all kinds of design software programs. With all these licenses I am authorized to design commercial purposes.  During my studies I have followed lots of classes to get more knowledge of these programs. 

I have a license for the following programs;

 – Photoshop

 – Illustrator 

 – In Design

 – 3D CAD

Are you looking for a piece of furniture or maybe a lamp designed    personally for you? 

Are you looking for a new logo or a new business card design? Maybe you want something in 3D to show your products in STL.file?

Web Design

Four years ago I started to build my first website for myself because I wanted to learn how to do it for a least amount of money. Let’s be fair, website builders are not cheap. So over the years I became better and better and found some small work in it. In the links on the right you can find some of my clients. 


Every product designer needs to have a photographer to shoot some pics. As a student you learn these things very quickly, and as a product designer without money even faster. 

I try to give some extra flavor to the websites I design. Why stay standard if you can make something extraordinary.

Photo’s are the key element to give you products or websites style. Don’t use pictures that don’t work